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So you have a kicka*$ business idea.. one that

  • aligns with your purpose
  • really make a difference to the planet  and  
  • provides you with the financial freedom you’ve been seeking

Well if you’ve been sitting on this idea for a while and are finally ready to take action, then you’re in the right place!

After helping numerous vegan, eco-conscious and ethical businesses startups over the last 5 years, I know what is required to successfully launch a heart-led startup so that it supports you, the ‘eco-preneur’ while also leaving a positive impact on the planet. So feel free to learn more and when ready, book a session with me and my team. This is where we can explore if your idea truly has potential and what will be required to get it off the ground.

Since 2017, I have

Startups Launches
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Business Impact:

Provide vegans with travel accommodation that’s 100% vegan while also supporting animal sanctuaries with part of the proceeds.

Faik Bouhrik has a Masters in Astrophysics and teaches at the University of California. But his true passion has been to make a difference to the Vegan movement, especially to help the animal sanctuaries. He felt overwhelmed with all that needed to be done and didn’t know where to start.

Faik booked a discovery session with me in early April, 2022. During that session we recognised that he had an exciting business idea but it needed to be refined. We also identified that apart from business guidance, he would need support with branding, content, a website and digital marketing. We began working on the idea immediately and on the 15th of August, A little over 4 months later, Faik was able to launch his full-fledged online booking platform-

when working with me-


Expect a plan for everything! Strategic Business plan, Marketing, Operations and of course, an Action Plan!


My team and I follow a step-by-step approach to business launching, with everything project managed for you.


You will have me and my team of experts as your coaches all along this journey, ensuring that you feel supported.


I will be pushing your comfort limits. And this will require a tough but loving approach to achieve our goals.

Personal Growth

A pleasant by-product of this process is you will grow to love, respect, trust and accept yourself more!


Worried you will procrastinate? Me and my project management tool will ensure you stay loyal to the plan!

About your workshop coach- Trevor Banerjee

Trevor Banerjee is the Founder of The Freedom Switch, an end-to-end startup launch agency for socially conscious businesses. He is also the author of a book with the same title- The Freedom Switch, How To Successfully Transition From Employee & Entrepreneur and is a prolific speaker, running seminars and workshops around the world (but now online from the comfort of his home)

With a double masters in Accounting and Commercial law and over 2 decades of experience of working for large corporates as well as running his own agency, Trev brings in a unique mix of business acumen & emotional connection, to help his clients succeed in launching and running their own businesses.

How to Find Purpose & Transform it Into a
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