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Hey there, I’m Trev!

Your very own empowerment coach

My mission is to inspire heart-led people (like you!) who may feel stuck in the 9 – 5 rat race, to live a passion-filled life. One that is built by design so that you can achieve the freedom that you have always dreamt of.

This site has been built for you!
To provide you with a whole lot of Info, Ideas & Inspiration to propel you to take action and transform your life! So have a browse and feel free to connect with me to learn more!

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The Freedom Switch

If you’ve made it this far then you are definitely a seeker & I’d like to give you something very valuable to me. It’s an e-copy of my first book, The Freedom Switch: How To Successfully Transition From Employee To Entrepreneur

But only if you commit to reading it and giving me your feedback. Deal?!

Have The Idea & Ready To Launch?!

If you already have a business idea and are committed to taking action, then The Freedom Program is for you!
This is an end-to-end incubator program designed by me and my team of business experts that will give you all the support & resources needed to launch your concept in 6 months or less.
It includes support with branding & logo design, website development, digital marketing, content creation and soo much more!

The Life By Design Series

Tune in as I speak with experts from various walks of life.

Find Your Soul Purpose & Launch Your Dream Business In 2023

Learn the exact steps you will need to take, to transform your passion into an actual business!