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I’m going to attempt to read your mind!

You have been stuck in a cycle for most of your life. You’ve also dreamt of breaking out of your negative loops and of living with purpose. Of being truly content & happy.

For this, you’ve attended seminars, read books, watched hours of TED talks, and they have all helped.. in providing you with temporary motivation. But then the negative loop kicks in again and this has been the cause of endless frustration.
Am I reading you right? 😉

As an Empowerment Coach to numerous coachees, I’ve been able to help them achieve a range of benefits. But it would typically come down to helping them

  • Learn to love & accept themselves unconditionally
  • Live in a new cycle of focus, action & celebration
  • Experience lasting motivation through self-belief
  • Focus on their circle of control and let go off the rest

Some of the benefits experienced

  • Renewed Sense of Peace & Purpose
  • Increased Income
  • New Jobs & Promotions
  • Business Launch & Growth
  • Improved Love Life & Relationships
  • Attaining Ideal Weight

Life Coaching Impact:

Nikita Boominathan has single-handedly built 30+ websites for ethical and conscious businesses. She has been able to do this due to her renewed sense of confidence & belief in herself.

At 21, Nikita was one of my youngest coachees. When we began, she was extremely shy and unsure of herself. But, a little voice inside of her believed that she could do more, and this was enough to get going. Through our sessions, along with perseverance and dedication towards her self-improvement, Nikki was able to bloom into a confident young woman. She began to focus on honing her skills as a web developer and went on to launch her own Web Design Agency. She now inspires young women, just like her former self, to learn to love and believe in themselves.

About your workshop coach- Trevor Banerjee

Trevor Banerjee is the Founder of The Freedom Switch, an end-to-end startup launch agency for socially conscious businesses. He is also the author of a book with the same title- The Freedom Switch, How To Successfully Transition From Employee & Entrepreneur and is a prolific speaker, running seminars and workshops around the world (but now online from the comfort of his home)

With a double masters in Accounting and Commercial law and over 2 decades of experience of working for large corporates as well as running his own agency, Trev brings in a unique mix of business acumen & emotional connection, to help his clients succeed in launching and running their own businesses.

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