How To Transform Your Passion Into
A Purpose-Led Business

A free, interactive online web class

Feeling stuck?

Do you dream of how your life could be, but are not sure how to make it a reality?
What about starting your own business and achieving personal freedom?
If these questions resonate, then this online web class is DEFINITELY for you!

In this session you will learn:
  • A simple pathway to transitioning from your job to your dream business
  • The 3 biggest mistakes people make when starting their business journey (and the reason they fail)
  • The 3 steps to successfully launch & earn from your passion in 6 months (or less!)

Is this workshop right for you?!

If you want to learn how to overcome the resistance that’s been holding you back

If you are ready to truly understand your life’s purpose

If you are excited about taking that passion and transforming it into a business &

If you are keen to start a business that can provide you with financial freedom

Then you are DEFINITELY in the right place!


By the end of this
workshop you will

Know Yourself Better

Recognise the mindset hurdles really holding you back from starting that dream business.

Get Clear On Your Purpose

Learn more about your purpose in life and how to develop it even further.

Know What’s Holding You Back

Discover your ‘self-saboteurs’ and learn how to deal with them.

Create A Plan Of Action

Discover how YOU can potentially transform your idea into an income-generating business!

Get Your Own Purpose Planner

Every attendee gets a free Purpose Planner that they can utilise in every aspect of life!

Fantastic Bonus Benefits

For those who stay until the end, including ebooks, discounts & much more!

About your workshop coach- Trevor Banerjee

Trevor Banerjee is the Founder of The Freedom Switch, an end-to-end startup launch agency for socially conscious businesses. He is also the author of a book with the same title- The Freedom Switch, How To Successfully Transition From Employee & Entrepreneur and is a prolific speaker, running seminars and workshops around the world (but now online from the comfort of his home)

With a double masters in Accounting and Commercial law and over 2 decades of experience of working for large corporates as well as running his own agency, Trev brings in a unique mix of business acumen & emotional connection, to help his clients succeed in launching and running their own businesses.

How to Find Purpose & Transform it Into a
Heart-Led Business

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